Coralie Rose

The easiest way to increase happiness is to control your use of time. Can you find more time to do the things you enjoy doing?

Daniel Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow

Wellness Tip:

Take a Scheduled Breathing Break

Sometimes we need a reminder to stop what we’re doing and just… breathe. 😮‍💨Why not schedule that reminder?

This idea comes from Coralie Rose, who shared her routine with us below. “At 11 am, an alarm goes off in the office which serves as an invitation for us to stop what we are doing and take three breaths. We started during lockdown when we were adjusting to working from home and it stuck.”

Take those deep breaths, check in with your body, let go of stress. Why not give it a try?

Productivity Tip:

Give Your Brain a Boost with Priming

Ever heard of priming? It’s when exposure to one stimulus subconsciously influences how you respond to a later one. While it can be a negative thing, you can also use it to your advantage. 👊

Before you start a task, expose your mind to related stimuli. Read articles, look at images, even smell a certain scent. This primes you to be in the right mindset for the activity.

What are you working on today, and what can you do to prime your brain before you start?

Routine Breakdown

Coralie Rose, Founder & Director of Road Casting

Coralie Rose

Coralie uses a series of small rituals to give power to her mornings. Here’s her routine: 

  • Affirmations. “I repeat a mantra when I’m coming out of the theta state.”
  • Prayer/breathing. “I’ve found that even a few intentional breaths make a difference.”
  • Check phone for any important messages. “I’d prefer not to be on my phone but I have many international clients in different time zones. I like to get a feel for how my day is going to look and be able to prioritize what needs my attention.”
  • Slow time with her son. “We talk about our dreams and cuddle the dog.”
  • Incense. “I burn them in a treasured incense holder I found at Shoyeido in Kyoto. This is one of my favorite rituals.”
  • Make tea and have breakfast + supplements. “Making good decisions around nutrition sets the tone for the day and I enjoy mindfully cutting fruit and laying out a colorful balanced breakfast.”


Why it works:

  • There’s science behind affirmations. Just be sure to do them consistently.
  • Breathwork is a good antidote to stress.
  • Spending quality time with kids is crucial to their well-being – and it benefits the parent, too.
  • Small rituals are powerful. They give structure to our days and reduce anxiety. 


Coralie also loves writing gratitude lists or texting them to friends. “I love receiving other people’s lists,” she says. Have you tried sharing gratitude lists with others?

Chris Olsen

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Berthold Auerbach

Wellness Tip:

Let Music Be Your Medicine 🎶

Ever felt a rush of good vibes from your favorite tune? There’s science to that! Research says music can lower your heart rate, release happy endorphins, and dial down stress. Music can also help us meditate, focus, or drift off to sleep quicker. 

A 2021 study even found that grooving to any type of music, whether it’s a beloved ballad or the latest chart-topper, can reduce cortisol. So hit play on whatever moves you. 

What’s on your playlist today?

Productivity Tip:

Write To Think

“Writing is a superpower that can unlock parts of your mind that are harder to access otherwise,” says Ness Labs. Writing can help you understand complex topics. It enhances memory, sparks creativity, and prompts connections between ideas.


What to write about? Follow your curiosity. What do you love learning about? Who is your audience? You might write a journal for yourself, or a newsletter or blog, etc.

Read more here and see if writing can help you improve your thinking.

Routine Breakdown

Chris Olsen, Social Media Personality & Entrepreneur

Chris Olsen

TikTok star Chris Olsen says he’s “learned the importance of completing your morning ritual and having your own time before getting straight into work mode.” He:

  • Always aims to get a full 8 hours of sleep.
  • Makes his bed. “It’s an easy win for the day, right?”
  • Has breakfast and coffee, then goes for a walk. “Rain or shine, it’s just a part of my routine now and my day doesn’t feel complete without one.” 
  • Saves his workouts for later. “I’m a big midday workout person because I’m at peak energy. And, bonus, there’s practically no one in the gym during that time.”


Why it works:

  • Sleep is vital to mental and physical health – and keeps us functioning at our best.
  • Small wins keep us motivated. Progress begets progress!
  • Walking is good for everything from mood to stress levels to heart health. 🚶
  • The best workout is the one you’ll do – so pick whatever time of day suits you best.


Chris says he always listens to music on his walk and uses that time to slowly start his day. Walking + music = double benefits. Here’s a playlist of songs at the best speed for walking!

Alexa Mullane

Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.

Dalai Lama

Wellness Tip:

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

There’s science behind positive thinking. It boosts serotonin, which in turn lowers cortisol levels. In other words: positive thoughts make you happier and less stressed!

Easier said than done, right? Well, there are ways to cultivate a positive mindset. That doesn’t mean glossing over all the bad stuff – it means focusing on your strengths, practicing gratitude, counting wins (grab a Panda Planner if you need help remembering to do all these things!), and having self-compassion. 

Read more here and see if you can think more positively today.

Productivity Tip:

Boost Your Cognitive Powers

Certain habits can boost cognition and protect our brains from aging. Try to:

  • Eat for cognition (hello broccoli, beans, nuts, fish, and dark chocolate! 🍫)
  • Focus on brain biomarkers: manage your glucose, vitamin B12, folate, and cortisol.
  • Eat more omega-3s and flavonoids.
  • Play brain games.
  • Move your body. 


Better brain function means a more productive day, every day. Why not try it today?

Routine Breakdown

Alexa Mullane, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Nutritional Advisor to Wiley’s Finest

Alexa Mullane

Mother and nutritionist Alexa Mullane says the easiest way to make positive lifestyle changes is to start small – “micro habits that you can repeat daily until it becomes second nature.” Here’s her routine.

  • Drinks water. “Hydrate before you caffeinate.”
  • Gets out in daylight for 10 minutes as early as possible. “Natural daylight helps to set the circadian rhythm, energy levels, hormone levels, and sleep patterns.”
  • Practices grounding. “I stand barefoot on my lawn and contemplate the day ahead, or do a bit of yoga on the grass.”
  • Moves her body for lymphatic flow and to boost energy. “Some days I only manage 10 minutes before my toddler wakes up but it’s important for me to get moving.”
  • Eats within an hour of waking “to prevent a rollercoaster of hormones and flagging energy” and takes her supplements at the same time every day. She recommends Vitamin D and Omega 3 to her clients.


Why it works:

  • Dehydration hinders cognition, so drinking water is good.
  • Morning sunlight really is all that. Try to get it if you can!
  • As Alexa says, “Grounding has been scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation, pain and stress, and improve blood flow, energy, and sleep.”
  • Exercise does stimulate lymphatic flow, improving immune function. It boosts energy, too.


Alexa is a fan of habit stacking – like going outside for a three-in-one dose of grounding, morning light, and movement. This takes the thinking out of it, “so before I know it, I am doing these little healthy actions automatically.” Have you tried stacking habits together?

Austin Butler

The best way out is always through.”

Robert Frost

Wellness Tip:

Try Exercise “Snacks”

Struggling to cram that 30-min workout into your already jam-packed day? Here’s a lil’ secret: think of exercise like snacking! 🍎💪 Instead of binging all at once, munch on mini workouts throughout the day.

Recent research shows this can be just as good – if not better – for your health. Whether it’s a 1-minute dance-off to your fave song, doing squats while you brush your teeth, or doing jumping jacks while your coffee brews, every little bit adds up! 

Why not give it a shot today?

Productivity Tip:

Tame Your Inbox With Tech Tools

A messy inbox sucks up time and derails your productivity. Try using some of these tools:

  • Unroll.Me for clearing up subscription emails. 
  • Meco for simplified, distraction-free newsletter reading.
  • SaneBox for a trainable, smart AI inbox assistant.
  • Triage for an easier way to interact with your emails.


Do you have any favorites to add to the list? How do you tame your inbox?

Routine Breakdown

Austin Butler, Actor

Austin Butler

The Elvis actor says he keeps his morning routine flexible and prefers a slow wakeup. He: 

  • Gets up, takes a shower, takes his dog for a walk.
  • Does some journaling to “start the day getting my mind centered.”
  • Some days, he writes three things he’s grateful for. “It just kind of shifts your perspective and reminds you of how lucky we are just to be alive. It can color and change your day in a positive way.”
  • Sometimes goes into the sauna and cold plunge for a “reset.”


Why it works:

  • Walking the dog is great for getting morning sunlight, exercise, and precious pet time all at once.
  • Journaling has a bunch of mental health benefits. Gratitude does too.
  • Cold plunges show promise for muscle recovery, mood, stress response, and more.


Austin says it’s all about “keeping your mind in a healthy place.” If you think about your routine, is it geared toward supporting your mental health? What could you do better?

Chris Bumstead

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

Wellness Tip:

Eat Fermented Foods

When was the last time you cracked open a big jar of sauerkraut? Adding fermented foods to your diet could help you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and even improve your mental health.

It all has to do with increasing the diversity of your gut microbes. Some foods to try are:

  • Sauerkraut and kimchi (fermented cabbage)
  • Kefir and probiotic yogurt
  • Kombucha (a fermented tea drink)
  • Tempeh and miso (both made from soybeans)
  • Raw apple cider vinegar


Fermenting your own veg at home is also easier than you’d think. Why not give it a shot?

Productivity Tip:

Make Your Commute More Productive

Commutes may not always be fun, but you can make them productive! Let’s turn the car/bus/train into your personal university. Here are some things you can do:

  • Car/walk: Listen to audiobooks, catch up on informative and inspiring podcasts, use language-learning apps, mentally prepare for your day.
  • Public transport: Read books, meditate, do online courses, play brain-stimulating games.


Do you work from home or have a daily commute? How do you spend your time?

Routine Breakdown

Chris Bumstead, Canadian Pro Bodybuilder

chris bumstead

Four-time Mr Olympia Chris Bumstead says he’s fluid with his routine in the off-season, but more regimented when in competition prep mode. That means he:

  • Wakes at 7.30 am and does some Wim Hof-style breathing exercises (“three rounds of 30 breaths, hold, exhale and repeat”). He says this leaves him wide awake and energized with no need for caffeine. 
  • Does 20 minutes of cardio.
  • Hits the sauna, then takes an ice-cold plunge for post-workout muscle recovery.
  • Keeps his phone on airplane mode until all the above is done.


Why it works:

  • Research on the Wim Hof Method (which includes both breathwork and ice plunges) is limited, but some studies suggest it can reduce stress and quicken recovery.
  • Cardio before breakfast is energizing and may burn more fat.
  • No devices = no distractions. Keeping the phone off is a good idea!


Chris is all about using his mornings to set himself up for a hard day of training. Have you ever tried kicking off your day with some breathwork?

Hilary Duff

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

Wellness Tip:

Get Your Food Cravings in Check

Ever felt like that tub of ice cream was calling your name a little too loudly? You’re not alone! To take control of your cravings, you need to design your environment for success. 

  • Create cues that trigger healthy eating habits (this exercise can help). 
  • Keep unhealthy foods out of sight (thus out of mind!)
  • Try habituating to trigger foods – denying them can amplify your desire.
  • Look after your physical self: manage stress and get enough sleep.
  • Eat for energy (try low GI foods, combine high-fiber foods with proteins and fats).


Read more here – and remember, cravings are like clouds. They pass.

Productivity Tip:

Make Mornings Clutter-Free

Clutter has major psychological effects. So, why not cut it out of your mornings for a better start to the day? Try these tips:

  • Declutter your mind with a morning meditation or mindfulness exercise. 
  • Try using a morning routine checklist.
  • Declutter your digital spaces – organize your apps, cut down notifications, etc. 
  • Streamline your grooming routine by keeping to the essentials.
  • Minimize decision-making. Simplify your clothing choices, eat the same breakfast.  

Check out more ideas here and see how minimalist mornings work for you.

Routine Breakdown

Hilary Duff, Actress & Singer

hilary duff

Hilary Duff’s three kids are early risers, so she’s usually up by 6.15 or 6.30. She:

  • Keeps a giant glass of water by her bed.
  • Uses a Hatch alarm clock with ambient light and sounds. “I’m getting to that age where I want to be woken up gently.”
  • Grabs her kids and makes breakfast. “My husband and I do it together, which is very sweet.”
  • Does Tracy Anderson workouts, or occasionally some weights training.


Why it works:

  • Hydration helps us function. It may even slow down aging and prevent diseases!
  • Sunrise alarms minimize sleep inertia by giving you a gentle wakeup. 
  • Family routines and rituals have been shown to improve relationships and health. Regular family meals are the way to go!
  • Physical activity has a whole bunch of benefits (but you already knew that 😉).

Hilary says her best wellness advice has been to “stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and do what works for you,” and not to feel you have to fill every moment with something exciting. “We’re so overstimulated that just winding down is important,” she says. Agreed!