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Productivity Tip:

Avoid The Presenteeism Trap

Ever find yourself stuck in the office just to show face? That’s called presenteeism, and it’s a problem. It hinders performance and productivity. 

So here’s a better plan: prioritize output over presence. It’s not about how long you’re at your desk, but how effectively you use your time. This applies if you work from home, too.

  • Start by setting clear goals each day. Focus on what really moves the needle for your work, not just being there. 
  • Take regular breaks to recharge – it boosts your productivity more than you think!
  • Communicate your availability to your team. Let them know when you’re in deep work mode versus open for interruptions. Boundaries keep burnout at bay.
  • Make sure you recover fully from illness before going back to work.

Read more about presenteeism here and avoid the trap of being there just to be there.

Routine Breakdown

Zara Street, Founder of Keep It Bright

A Recipe For Bright, Positive Mornings

Zara Street

Zara Street has been running her positive lifestyle brand Keep It Bright for over 16 years. So no surprises here: she’s all about keeping her mornings bright and positive! 


The Routine:

  • Wakes naturally. “I prefer no alarm as I feel much calmer and better rested when I let my body decide when to wake.”
  • Reads positive affirmations out loud. “I have a note in my phone where I’ve written all the affirmations that really help me to feel motivated and in a good place for the day.”
  • Listens to a guided meditation. “This helps me to start the day calm and in a good mood.”
  • Walks her dog in the park. “A great way to get some fresh air and reset.”


Why it works:

  • Don’t you feel great when you wake without an alarm? That’s because alarms can interrupt your sleep cycle, leading to sleep inertia and grogginess.
  • Positive affirmations work by rewiring your brain to focus on the positive, boosting your self-esteem and motivation. 
  • Guided meditations provide a structured way to relax, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness.
  • Walking and fresh air: you can’t go wrong!


If you think about your morning routine, which parts of it feel light, bright and positive, and which feels heavy or unappealing? While we can’t always escape the more drudgery parts, we can do our best to sprinkle in some positivity. See if you can find small ways to make your mornings brighter!

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