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Productivity Tip:

Be an Imperfectionist

Do you ever avoid doing things because you fear they won’t be good enough? That’s the trap of perfectionism! Striving for perfection actually hinders creativity and innovation. Instead, embrace imperfection as the path to process. 

“The primary benefits of becoming an imperfectionist are reduced stress and greater results by taking positive action in more situations,” says Stephen Guise in his book How to Be an Imperfectionist. “The more fearless, confident, and free a person is, the more they embrace imperfection in their life.” 

So, here’s a hack to overcome fear: Assume that your first 100 times of doing something will be ugly or imperfect. And remember to celebrate your small victories and acknowledge the effort you put in, regardless of the outcome. Using Panda Planner to count your daily wins helps here.

Try it today. See where those beautiful imperfections take you!

Routine Breakdown

Leo Babauta, Author & Founder of Zen Habits


“I change my morning routine (and wake up time) to fit my needs in different seasons,” says Leo Babauta. “Some seasons require more quietude and reflection, others more activity and focus, others more mindfulness and movement.” Here’s his latest routine.


The Routine:

  • Wakes and brews some coffee. “I went about 6 months without coffee, and I think it was better for my sleep. But lately I’m indulging myself with some delicious coffee made with a Chemex brewer.”
  • Meditates. “My life is much better when I meditate.”
  • Gratitude. “I like to greet my day with a moment or two of gratitude. How is today a blessing?”
  • Prioritizes. “I sit and plan my day—what tasks do I need to prioritize, when will I do them? I like to have my coffee here, enjoying this moment of quietness and purpose.”
  • Writes. “Next, I’ll either write, or do my most important task. This is another beautiful moment of quiet. Continue the coffee drinking, and gratitude.”
  • Tackles emails. “I’ll tackle as many emails and messages as possible. I give myself about 30 minutes for this, because otherwise it’ll take up the whole day. Then I move on to the next most important task on my priority list.”


Why it works:

  • Ah, coffee. It can be a comforting morning ritual, and it provides some science-backed health benefits. (In moderation, of course.)
  • Meditation is known to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.
  • Gratitude sets a positive tone for the day and is great for mental health.
  • Prioritizing tasks helps maintain focus and productivity throughout the day.
  • Limiting time on emails prevents them from consuming the entire day, allowing for better time management.


Leo says he used to move his body in the mornings, but lately he’s been exercising later in the day. We love his ability to adapt and change his routine based on the seasons and what he feels he needs at the time. Something to think about! Does your routine need any adapting right now?

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