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Wellness Tip:

Try Online Therapy

When your mental health needs a boost, talking it out with a therapist can be a good solution. But what if going to an in-person appointment feels like too much?

That’s where online services come in. These platforms offer access to licensed therapists through video calls, chats, or phone calls, allowing for flexibility and privacy. 

Before choosing an app, ensure the therapists are fully credentialed and licensed to practice. Also read some reviews and check if the app allows you to choose a therapist who specializes in areas relevant to your needs.

Want to give it a shot? Check out this list of the top online therapy services as a good place to start.

Routine Breakdown

Liv Conlon, Mom, Author & Entrepreneur

A Young Supermom’s Morning Formula

Liv Conlon

Imagine being a 25-year-old solo mom running two seven-figure businesses. That’s Liv Conlon. After dropping out of school, she founded a multi-award-winning property staging business, as well as a coaching business called StagerBoss

“I recognize that my schedule could be viewed as quite extreme and it’s not for everyone, but it works for me,” she says. 

The Routine:

  • 4:00 am – Wakes up and prepares for the day. She puts on gym clothes, feeds her dog, and prepares her son’s bottles. “I force myself out of bed, knowing that discipline equals freedom.”
  • 4:30 am – Does a planned strength training session in her home gym while listening to a podcast. “I work out consistently four times per week.”
  • 5:00 am – Takes her dog Kevin for a walk, using a light-up collar due to the darkness.
  • 6:00 am – Drinks a protein shake and joins her mother for a coffee catch-up, discussing business or personal development. “This is one of my favorite all-time daily non-negotiable rituals.”
  • 6:30 am – Begins her workday with a distraction-free deep work session, focusing on the least desirable tasks first. “Deep work is the highest form of work you can do as you get into a state of flow and you’re able to perform cognitively intensive tasks.”
  • 8:30 am – Wakes her son and spends quality morning time with him. “This daily ritual of getting my son out of his cot is my favorite.”
  • 9:00 am – Hands over care of her son to the nanny and starts her second deep work session of the day.


Why it works:

  • There are some compelling reasons to be an early bird. But if a 4 am alarm sounds too rough, do what works for you!
  • Having workouts pre-planned by a personal trainer means Liv doesn’t have to think about what to do, making her more likely to get them done.
  • Walking isn’t just good for the dog; it also gets the owner’s mind and body moving and boosts their creativity.
  • Quality time with mom and baby strengthens family bonds—and those bonds are key to human health and happiness.
  • Deep work makes us more productive, more energized, and less stressed.


“Deep work is a term coined by Cal Newport in his book Deep Work,” says Liv. “Put simply, it’s working distraction-free (no notifications or interruptions from anyone) for a minimum of two hours.” Have you tried scheduling deep work periods into your day?

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