Amy Peacock

Wellness Tip:

Indulge In Some Nostalgia

You know how the things you loved as a kid seem totally special and magical now? That’s the power of nostalgia. 

But here’s the real magic: Basking in the warm glow of your favorite memories isn’t just fun, it’s a research-backed route to a happier you. Studies show that indulging in nostalgia can boost your mood, spark creativity, and even soothe pain. 

Try flipping through old photos, listening to music from your past, or recreating your favorite childhood meals. Sharing these moments with friends or family can double the joy. 

What things are most nostalgia-inducing for you? Reply and let us know!

Routine Breakdown

Amy Peacock, Founder of Earth’s Secret

Amy Peacock

“I like to stick to this morning routine every day,” says wellness entrepreneur Amy Peacock. “Even if it’s hard to get up, I like to do at least one step.” She:

  • Stretches and drinks water upon waking. “Even when I’m feeling extra tired, after I do this, I feel so much better.”
  • Takes an ice-cold shower. “If you accomplish the most difficult thing first, then everything that comes after that will be easy.”
  • Meditates for 10 minutes, working on mindfulness and just being present.
  • Opens her journal and repeats positive affirmations for the day, reviewing her desires and goals. 
  • Sometimes does 5 mins of Wim Hof interactive breathing. “I am a big fan of the iceman, and this breathing technique is so amazing.”
  • Gets dressed and, just before heading off to work, takes Earth’s Secret Balance and Boost supplements. “After that, I feel energized, calm, focused, and ready to start my day.”


Why it works:

  • Stretching improves blood flow, making you feel more energized and awake. 
  • As well as starting the day with a win, cold showers may well boost your health.
  • Mindfulness is good for our hearts, minds, and bodies!
  • There’s science behind both journaling and affirmations, making this a powerful combination for mental health. That’s why daily affirmations are included in Panda Planner.
  • The Wim Hof method is designed to stimulate the parasympathetic system, thus lowering stress – and there’s some research to support the benefits.


Have you ever tried Wim Hof breathing? If you’re interested in giving it a try, there’s a guided video here. See if it works for you!

Scott Harrison

Productivity Tip:

Leverage Speech-To-Text

Imagine being able to take notes hands-free. You could jot down your thoughts while driving. Write content while out for a jog. Draft emails while doing the dishes. 

As you know, this tech is already a reality. Question is, are you making the most of it? You can leverage the dictation function of your smartphone or download specialized apps for speech-to-text. 

To really supercharge your productivity, create a workflow using AI to transcribe voice notes to text, summarize them, pull out key points, and more. This video shows one way to do it. How can you make life easier using speech-to-text?

Routine Breakdown

Scott Harrison, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert & Founder of The Six Pack Revolution

Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison is a man of many hats. As well as being a celebrity PT, he’s a chef, black belt karate instructor, life coach, and speaker. No wonder healthy mornings are crucial. He:

  • Keeps the same routine from Monday to Friday.
  • Wakes around 6.30am and drinks water before having coffee.
  • Eats The Six Pack Revolution overnight oats or a Sculpt bar on his way to the gym. In the car, he listens to a personal development audiobook.
  • Works out hard for about an hour, then drinks a post-workout protein shake. “Now, with all those endorphins flying around my body, I’m ready to drive back to the ‘office’ to tackle the day ahead with energy, vitality, and clarity,” he says.


Why it works:

  • Consistency is a virtue! Consistent routines help regulate circadian rhythms and minimize decision fatigue. Of course, life is unpredictable, so do your best!
  • Hydration is crucial for cognitive function, and coffee (in the right amounts) has health benefits.
  • Listening to audiobooks is a smart way to make the most of car trips.
  • Exercise really does boost energy. 


“Mid-morning, I will continue to fuel my body with a healthy meal that includes a balance of protein and carbohydrates,” says Scott. “I avoid sugary and processed foods that can lead to energy crashes later in the day.” Food is energy – do you try to manage yours?

Karina Daves

Wellness Tip:

Find Your Ikigai

There’s a Japanese concept called ikigai that’s worth exploring. It translates roughly to “reason for being,” and it’s all about living a life of purpose. 

But, says Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs, the Western world often gets ikigai wrong. 

It’s not about your job or one true passion; it’s about the small things. It’s finding meaning in daily interactions, constantly learning and exploring, and having a positive impact on those around you by living a fulfilling life. 

Because it’s a way of living, it can profoundly impact mental and physical health. Ikigai boosts resilience, lowers anxiety, improves longevity, and more.

Read more here and delve deeper into the joys of finding your ikigai.

Routine Breakdown

Karina F. Daves, Relationship Expert, Speaker & Coach

Karina F. Daves

Nurturing relationships is, unsurprisingly, crucial to Karina F. Daves’ mornings. When her alarm goes off at 4.30am, she:

  • Mentally checks in with God and assesses how her body feels, identifying any aches or parts that need stretching.
  • Makes hot water with lemon, a habit of nearly 8 years. “It’s really important to me because it’s helped my gut health so much… if your gut isn’t right, that causes exhaustion, foggy brain, all that.”
  • Goes into her office to pray and read a chapter of a Christian book. “I don’t do this every day, but I did create a prayer board for my family… I’ll just sit there and I’ll pray over the prayer board.”
  • Prepares a nutritious breakfast for her kids.
  • Enjoys alone time with her husband while he makes the kids’ lunches. “Most couples look forward to the end of the day, but… we usually use our mornings to catch up. He’s really good about allowing me to release all the emotions and he coaches me through my feelings.”


Why it works:

  • Drinking lemon water is good for hydration, and it may aid in digestion as well.
  • An 80-year Harvard study found that close relationships are the number one key to health and happiness. Taking time to connect with loved ones daily is a must!
  • Prayer has proven powers. It promotes healing, can help people cope with difficulties, and makes us more grateful and mindful. 


Interestingly, prayer can also help your marriage, according to several studies. Couples who pray for each other report greater relationship satisfaction. But we’re guessing Karina already knows that!

Do you make time to nurture your relationships each day?

Mari Carmen

Productivity Tip:

Use Feedback Loops

There’s nothing like getting into a flow state to amp up your productivity. You know, that state where you’re in the zone and time seems to melt away… It’s great!

One ingredient to getting into flow is feedback loops. Immediate feedback on what we’re doing acts as a guide, helps us stay engaged, and gives us a dopamine boost that motivates us to keep making progress.

Whether it’s a simple checklist tick-off or a quick chat with a colleague, small moments of reflection can create positive feedback loops that keep you flowing

Read more, and see if feedback loops work for you.

Routine Breakdown

Mari Carmen, Entrepreneur & Founder of the FIT MAMA App

Mari Carmen

“As a busy mum of three and business owner, my morning routine does not always go to plan,” says Mari Carmen. “However, I try to wake up at the same time every day.” She:

  • Wakes at 6-6.30 am using a Lumie alarm clock for a “gentler approach.”
  • Has coffee. This is her non-negotiable step, and she tries to have it in peace before everyone wakes. “If I get that 10 minutes in the morning to wake up gently, it gives me the patience and positivity I need to tackle my day in my business and as a mother.”
  • A few times a week, heads to the gym for 30-45 minutes. If not a gym day, she tries to journal or read 5 pages of a book.
  • Has breakfast and gets her kids ready for school.


Why it works:

  • Sunrise alarm clocks simulate dawn light, making it easier to wake and minimizing sleep inertia. 
  • Getting time alone is an essential part of self-care – especially for parents! “I know many moms have the best intentions of creating a healthy morning routine but it’s not always possible,” says Mari. “My advice in this circumstance is just focus on what you can do, even if it’s just a quick shower.” 
  • Having some gym days and some with reading/journaling means Mari gives attention to both physical and mental health throughout the week, while still maintaining a manageable daily routine.
  • Mari adds that her evening routine is just as important. “For me to be able to wake up at 6am I need to be asleep by 10pm the night before. I turn off notifications from 8pm and use these 2 hours before bed to relax on my sofa. I get into bed usually around 9.30pm and read 10 pages of a book.” 

Some of her favorites: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley, Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Will Bulsiewicz

Productivity Tip:

Try Co-Working Spaces

Feeling stuck in your home office? Maybe it’s time to shake things up by trying a co-working space. Being surrounded by others can boost your productivity and provide an opportunity for networking.

On top of that, co-working spaces naturally foster collaboration, creativity, and a unique energy that’s hard to find at home.

(Plus we all have days where we just need an excuse to get out of our pajamas…)

Here are a few tips for making the most of co-working spaces. Have you tried co-working?

Routine Breakdown

Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., Gastroenterologist & Author

will bulsiewicz

What does the morning routine of a gut-health expert look like? Let’s find out from Will Bulsiewicz, M.D. He:

  • Drinks coffee with added spices (nutmeg or a trio of ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon). “There is a benefit to drinking coffee in terms of our gut health.”
  • Goes for a walk with his daughter, absorbing the morning sunlight to regulate his circadian rhythm. “The days where I do this, I get much more restful sleep.”
  • Wears a 20-pound weighted vest for his walk. “It gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat a little bit.”


Why it works:

  • Though Bulsiewicz agrees coffee isn’t for everyone, he says there’s “clear evidence” that it’s beneficial to our gut microbes, while the spices include phytochemicals that can also help the microbiome.
  • Morning sunlight regulates our bodies, leading to more restful sleep.
  • Sweating it out is great – and adds to the list of benefits that it’s good for our microbes as well!


Bulsiewicz says there’s no one secret to improving your gut health – it’s all about consistency and good habits. It’s worth checking out his Instagram for tips on gut health and which foods to eat and avoid – find him here.

Cindra Kamphoff

Wellness Tip:

Beat Financial Anxiety

Finances can be a big source of stress. In a 2021 study of nearly 20,000 people, 60% said they feel anxious when thinking about their personal finances. 😰

So, what can help? Firstly, pinpoint what’s causing your anxiety. Is it a lack of a buffer? Worries about job security? Stress over day-to-day money management? 

From there, you can look for solutions. Improving financial literacy can help. If the jargon overwhelms you, put things in your own terms. You can also try talking to a professional. 

Here are some more tips – try some to regain your calm. 😌


Routine Breakdown

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker & Podcast Host

cindra kamphoff

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff is all about building mental strength. Here’s her game-changing 4-minute morning routine, based on the acronym GRIT (simply spend 1 minute on each):

  • Gratitude. Remind yourself what you’re grateful for (good things and tough things).
  • Remember your purpose. Remind yourself why you do what you do. 
  • Intention. Who do you want to be today? Set at least three intentions.
  • Talk to yourself powerfully. Intentionally choose your thoughts and tell yourself who you really are.


Why it works:

  • Gratitude improves mental health and unshackles us from negative emotions – and the best part is it creates lasting changes in our brains.
  • Studies show that those with a purpose live longer, sleep better, and have stronger immune systems, lower stress levels, and better cognitive function. Whew!
  • Intentions are a powerful way to take control of our energy and attention and set our mindset for the day.
  • Positive self-talk boosts confidence and can make us healthier, happier, and more creative.


Taken together, these four steps can have a mega impact on creating a positive mindset! It’s no accident that Panda Planner includes sections that encourage you to jot down these things daily. If you’re not already prepping yourself for a positive day, why not give it a try tomorrow? A few minutes is all you need.