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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Author, Anne Lamott

Wellness Tip:

Bust These Exercise Myths

Exercise is normal, sitting is killing us, and you’re lazy if you take the escalator. Right?

Wrong. Here, Harvard professor of evolutionary biology Daniel E Lieberman busts some major exercise myths. And they may surprise you. According to Lieberman:

  • Avoiding exertion doesn’t make you lazy – it’s a natural instinct.
  • Sitting for 10 hours a day is normal in every culture. (Just be sure to get up.) 
  • No, running won’t wear out your knees, as long as you train sensibly.
  • Our ancestors weren’t as strong and fast as we think. “It is neither normal nor necessary to be ultra-fit and ultra-strong.”


The helpful thing about busting these myths is that we can learn to work with our natural situation rather than struggle against it. 

Read more here, and remember: even a little exercise is better than none.

Productivity Tip:

Schedule Your Meal Breaks

Is taking a proper lunch break high on your list of priorities today? Because it should be!

Food is fuel – not just for our bodies, but for our brains. That’s why productivity and decision-making suffer when our stomachs are rumbling and blood sugar is low.

Problem is, urgent tasks get in the way. So here’s a simple solution: schedule in your meal breaks. Block out time in your calendar for them. Treat them with the same importance as you would a meeting with a client or your boss. 

Even better: as Ruchika Tulshyan argues in a piece for HBR, make your breaks visible as well. That way you’re helping to make break-taking an accepted part of company culture. 👊

So, what time is your lunch break scheduled for today?

Routine Breakdown

Shona Vertue, Author, Personal Trainer & Under Armour Ambassador

Shona Vertue

“I almost feel anxious when I sleep in,” says early riser Shona Vertue. She:

  • Wakes between 5 and 6 am.
  • Does 20 minutes of Vedic meditation. “It’s very committed and structured, and I use a mantra that’s completely secret and personal to me.”
  • Puts on gym gear straight away. “I like to just eliminate the decision-making processes as much as possible in the morning.”
  • Goes to the gym or for a walk/run then has breakfast afterward.

Why it works:

  • There’s so much research showing the benefits of meditation on mind and body. Here’s more info about Vedic meditation specifically.
  • Limiting choices is a great way to avoid decision fatigue.
  • Exercise is obviously good, but should you do it fasted or fed? Research so far seems to suggest it doesn’t make much difference – so do what feels best for you!


Whether you walk or swim, work out alone or in a class, train before or after breakfast, etc. – the choice is yours. Ultimately, the best workout is the one you do!

Do you have any strategies for fitting exercise into your day?


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