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Learning something previously unknown or indulging in inspiring conversations with peers is enough of a jolt to infuse a fresh perspective.

For Thrive Global, 12 people share what they do to reignite their creativity

Wellness Tip:

Relieve Stress with Art

Making art is incredible for stress relief. 🎨It lowers cortisol levels, fosters self-awareness, and brings us into the present moment. Why not try it?

  • Embrace imperfection. Artworks look like the scribblings of a crayon-wielding 3-year-old? That’s fine! It’s about how you feel, not how many awards you’ll win.
  • Join a class. Make art a part of your schedule and learn a new skill at the same time.
  • Try different things. Ceramics, painting, photography, doodling… You can even try an adult coloring book. Research shows coloring reduces anxiety.


Try getting artistic today, and feel free to share your creations with us!

Productivity Tip:

Prioritize Like a Genius

Are you prioritizing what’s truly important? Says Brendon Burchard, “You are the architect of your day.” So make it count! Here are three ways to do that:

  1. Stop prioritizing easy. It makes you less likely to do the things that count.
  2. Stop prioritizing false emergencies. Learn to say “no”. Don’t give away every little piece of your day to anyone who asks.
  3. Start prioritizing freedom. Is there space on your agenda for doing things that energize you? Prioritize gaining more emotional, physical, and financial freedom.


Writing down your priorities also helps. Use the “Today’s Priorities” section of your Panda Planner daily! Have you listed down your priorities for today?

Routine Breakdown

Sami Clarke, Model and Health & Fitness Coach

Sami Clarke

Sami Clarke starts the day with gratitude, focusing on what she’s excited for that day. Then:

  • Sets the vibe – lights a candle and puts on some morning vibes music.
  • Walks with bare feet on the grass for 5 mins. “Grounding helps a lot with stress, anxiety, inflammation in the body; it also gives you a sprout of energy.”
  • Lights palo santo and meditates using the Insight Timer app.
  • Goes for a walk – even if it’s a short one.
  • Does morning pages journaling – writes what’s in her mind without judgement.
  • Writes down three personal and three business priorities for the day.


Why it works:

  • Gratitude is always an incredible way to start the day.
  • Studies show grounding really does help us heal and has numerous health benefits.
  • Meditation is powerful, and the research on meditation apps is very promising.
  • Journaling helps with anxiety, creativity, productivity, and much more.
  • Writing down priorities keeps us on track (see above!).

Grounding may sound like hocus-pocus – but we are electrical beings and coming into contact with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy has proven benefits. Why not try it? 👣

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