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If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.

Steve Jobs

Wellness Tip:

Take a Sunrise Walk

Want to sync your biological clock, improve sleep quality, and kickstart your day with energy and alertness? Then let’s revive the lost art of sunrise walking.

Sunrises aren’t just beautiful – they’re good for you! Research shows early morning walks reduce anxiety and uplift mood. Immunity gets a boost too, with just 20 minutes increasing infection-fighting cells.

To start, wake up 30 minutes earlier for a short walk. Dress for the weather, keep your phone silent, and gradually make it a regular habit. Embrace this simple practice and feel the difference yourself.

Productivity Tip:

Create a Vision Board

Have you ever made a vision board? It’s a canvas where you stick words or images that represent your goals. Research suggests they can potentially help us realize those goals. 

Says Rhiannon Bates, who shared her routine with us below: “Your vision board should help to keep you motivated, containing the things you really want and are working towards. By really visualizing your goals, you give them power, and you are training your unconscious brain to believe they have already happened.”

Put your vision board where you’ll see it daily. “The world really is your oyster,” says Rhiannon. “Think big, this is your chance to dream.”

Routine Breakdown

Rhiannon Bates, Founder of Garnet PR Ltd, Business Growth Mentor & Visibility Coach

Rhiannon Bates

Rhiannon’s mornings are shaped around a set of “mindset tools” that keep her “happier, calmer, more confident” even in life’s hectic moments. These are:

  • 3-5 gratitudes. “Twice a day (morning/evening), I write out and reflect on the things I feel grateful for that day. When you focus on feeling grateful, the way you approach everything changes.”
  • 3-5 focuses. “A vision board helps here⁠⁠. I also include a ‘word of the day’, for example, focus, clarity, confidence… This helps me step into who I am that day.” 
  • 5 affirmations. “These are powerful ‘I Am’ statements. When practiced regularly, they can make lasting, long-term changes to the way that you think and feel.” 
  • Journaling. “Journaling helps to harness the power of your mind and control your thoughts, as opposed to your thoughts controlling you. It helps you prioritize problems, goals, and tasks and get them out of your head.”


Why it works:

  • Science agrees: being grateful supports greater health, happiness, and wisdom.
  • Singling out your priorities keeps you on track for what’s important, while a vision board can keep them visible.
  • Empirical studies show affirmations can lower stress, boost wellbeing, and more.
  • Journaling really is great for mental health.


Have you tried daily affirmations? Says Rhiannon, “I recommend putting aside some time and writing down around 15-30 affirmations you love, then using these as a pool to pull from each day. Have a go!”

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