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Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success.

Martha Stewart

Wellness Tip:

Gaze Up At The Stars

There’s just something about gazing up at the night sky. That deep and endless expanse studded with stars… It humbles you, awes you, makes you feel at peace.

This is something we all know from experience, but it’s also backed by research. Stargazing relieves stress, helps you sleep, boosts creativity – even makes you kinder.

The best part is that it’s free, and anyone can do it. Take a peek up at the sky tonight: the stars are waiting to shine on you. 

Productivity Tip:

Organize Skill-Swap Sessions

Building up your skillset doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. Why not make it fun, free, and reciprocal by organizing skill-swap sessions with friends and colleagues?

Research shows learning in a social context enhances retention and enjoyment. Just pair up and teach each other a skill you’re good at – cooking secrets, coding tips, language lessons, whatever!

It’s a win-win: you gain new skills and strengthen social bonds at the same time. What skills can you share?

Routine Breakdown

Martha Stewart, Media Personality & Businesswoman

Martha Stewart

“Green juice, Pilates, doing puzzles, and cardio may seem like ordinary activities, but they all boost my mental and physical energy and set the stage for me to get a lot done,” says Martha Stewart, who’s onto her 100th book. She:

  • Wakes at 5. “Regularity in a day is essential to being an orderly person,” she says.
  • Does a Pilates workout then jumps in the shower.
  • Drinks green juice using spinach, ginger, mint, parsley, celery, and cucumber from her garden.
  • Reads the news and does puzzles on her phone while sitting for hair and makeup.
  • Drinks one cappuccino before officially starting her workday.


Why it works:

  • Early risers are reportedly happier and more productive. That said – do what works for you!
  • From strength to posture, Pilates has a bunch of proven benefits.
  • Green juice is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 
  • Studies show puzzles can help with mental health and brain function as we age.
  • Coffee – in moderation – may well be a boon for brain health. Just make like Martha and keep it to the first half of the day so it doesn’t impact your sleep.


What do you think of Martha’s routine? Have you tried 5am starts and Pilates, or are you more of a late riser? 

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