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Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Marcus Aurelius

Wellness Tip:

Call, Don’t Text

We humans are social creatures. Or at least, we should be. But, our reliance on text messages could be damaging to our relationships. 

Several studies show that texting is the least effective type of communication when it comes to bonding with others. 

One study found video chat to be the next best thing to meeting in person, followed by audio, with messaging in last place. And another found that voice and video calls were far less awkward than people expected, as well as creating stronger bonds. 

So, whether you go for audio or video calls, just remember that hearing someone’s voice is a powerful and beautiful thing. Why not give your thumbs a rest next time?

Productivity Tip:

Use a Noise-Canceling App

Speaking of video calls, who’s on them a lot for work these days? ​​If you raised a hand, here’s a simple tip for better meetings as well as personal calls: use a noise-canceling app.

There are a bunch of apps out there for cutting out the random clanks and pings and constant background noise of your colleagues’ kids.

AI-powered Krisp is one of the best and most well-known. Also check out this list for a bunch more: you can also improve your music and podcast listening while you’re at it.

Routine Breakdown

Marques Ogden, Entrepreneur, Author & Business Coach

Marques Ogden Headshot

This retired NFL player-turned inspirational speaker and three-time best-selling author told us he always fits a workout in before he starts his workday at 8 am. He:

  • Wakes naturally at 5 am. His college football coach taught him that relying on an alarm clock every morning means you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. “It stuck with me. I trained myself to wake up without an alarm clock to this day.”
  • Lets his dogs out and feeds them breakfast.
  • Makes his bed. “If the bed is messy and undone, I feel like my day will be messy. When it’s made, my mindset is much more organized and focused.”
  • Hits the gym. “It gets me in the right state of mind for the day. Working out kicks my day off positively and helps me look and feel great about myself.”


Why it works:

  • Research suggests morning people are more proactive. Being intrinsically motivated (e.g. passionate about what you’re doing!) likely plays a role in that.
  • Dogs aren’t just cute – they’re good for our physical and mental wellbeing too.
  • It’s true: an organized space cultivates an organized mind. Make that bed!
  • As well as helping you feel good, exercise really can help you feel good about yourself. Research shows physical activity is linked to self-esteem.


Marques says he gets organized at night. “I always lay out my gym and work clothes for the next day, pack and prep my daughter’s lunch, and prepare anything else that will allow me to have a smooth morning. This way, it doesn’t feel like a fire drill when I get up.” 

What can you prep tonight so tomorrow morning is less rushed?

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