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Productivity Tip:

Do a Time Audit

Ever feel like the hours just disappear to who-knows-where? Here’s an idea: use a time-tracking app to do a time audit.

For a week or two, log everything you do, from work tasks to coffee breaks. Then analyze the data for patterns. Maybe you’re spending more time on low-priority tasks than you thought, or frequent meetings are eating into your deep work periods.

Use these insights when you plan your days. Prioritize high-impact work, limit less critical activities, and schedule focused work for when you’re naturally most alert. 

Want to give it a shot? Here are some time-tracking apps you can try.

Routine Breakdown

Mark Hewlett, Founder and CEO of Soul Padel

A CEO’s All-In-One Weighted Walks

Mark Hewlett

Mark Hewlett, Founder and CEO of Soul Padel, wakes at 5-6am every day—weekends included (it’s true that consistency is good for our circadian rhythms!). Here’s his routine.


The Routine 

  • Goes for a walk with his energetic Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mabel. “This year I’m doing it wearing a 10kg vest,” says Mark. “Mabel and I walk between 7-10kms most mornings with the weighted vest adding to my workout.”
  • Uses his walk to plan and reflect. “The walk, which is over fields and down country lanes, is also my thinking space. I use this time to map out the day, to ponder and think before everything else kicks off.”
  • Goes home for a shower, coffee, and “super-smoothie” of his own making before starting his work day.


Why it works:

  • Rucking (weighted walking), says Mark, is great for leg strength, core stability, bone density and, of course aerobic fitness. And he’s right.
  • Walking boosts creative thinking. Doing it out in nature has the added benefit of improving mental health. 


Mark says he borrowed the idea of using a weighted vest from longevity expert Peter Attia. “I highly recommend his book, Outlive,” he tells us. Have you ever tried rucking?

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