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The act of laughing, whether natural or artificially induced, causes the production and release of literally hundreds of different chemicals that assist in healing the body and releasing stress.

Master Mantak Chia

Wellness Tip:

Try Laughter Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that uses meditation, controlled breathing, and slow movements – a bit like Tai Chi. Add some giggles, and you get Laughing Qigong, a delightful way to boost your well-being.

Studies have found Laughing Qigong to be a cost-effective, non-pharmacological gem that improves cognitive function and mood. A 2020 study also showed that regular practice can optimize heart rhythms, promoting overall cardiovascular health.

Here’s some more about it. Why not see if you can give it a try?

Productivity Tip:

Schedule Creativity

Creativity and scheduling may sound incompatible. But if you want to improve your creative thinking, you need to create consistent output. 

“Creativity is like a muscle,” says Ness Labs. “You need to use it to stay in ‘creative shape.’ This means… forcing yourself to create on a schedule.”

In other words, don’t leave creativity to random bursts of inspiration. Try blocking out time every day or week to generate new ideas/new work, and watch your creativity flourish.

Routine Breakdown

Luana Ribeira, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Founder of Dauntless PR

Luana Ribeira

Forget the six-step routine; Luana Ribeira says her belief around morning routines is that “they can often be a distraction.” She:

  • Gets up at 5 am.
  • Gets to work. “I’ve tried other people’s suggestions of meditation and affirmations and working out early, etc. None of that works for me. I’m at my most creative and productive when I’ve just woken up, so I get straight to work.”
  • Keeps to-do lists and a calendar, but ultimately lets her intuition guide her into what’s highest priority. “If I plan everything, it just seems to be getting things crossed off a list as opposed to focusing on the real priority at that time.”


Why it works:

  • Getting up early means Luana gets focused time before her toddler wakes.
  • Luana sticks to what works for her. Knowing your chronotype and peak work times is key to maximizing your days.


“Use that time in the morning based on what works best for you as opposed to what works for other people,” says Luana. When do you do your best work?

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