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Wellness Tip:

Give Out Compliments

How do you feel when someone gives you a glowing compliment? Pretty good, right? But here’s something really cool: the person giving the praise also benefits. 

How does that work? Well, giving out compliments is a way to focus on the positives and thus become more grateful and optimistic. And having more positive emotions is good for your health. 

So, here’s a challenge: try giving out five compliments today. Tell the barista they have a nice smile or compliment a co-worker’s shoes. To level up, go beyond the physical: compliment someone’s behavior or character in a genuine way. Here are some ideas—give them a try!

Routine Breakdown

Liz Roberta, Coach, Mentor & Author

How a Business Coach Finds Guidance & Gratitude

Liz Roberta

Coach, mentor, and author Liz Roberta wakes naturally at 5am and starts the day by pulling a guidance card from her Pass Around The Smile oracle deck. “This gives me a theme for the day ahead. It always ends up being right!” she says. Then she:


The Routine 

  • Plays Wordle. “I start the day with a little win when I crack the word puzzle.”
  • Listens to audio hypnoses/meditations. “Rewiring my subconscious mind has truly been a game-changer. I also have a 1-minute voice note I’ve recorded where I’m talking about my future life as though I have it now.”
  • Reads a few pages of a book. “Mostly business books with a few spiritual/self-help.”
  • Does gratitude journaling. “I say what I’m grateful for, what I need help with and how I’m feeling. I keep my gratitude journals and read back over all the pages once I’ve finished each one.”
  • Makes a to-do list. “Simple but so effective that I have a structure each day.”
  • Makes a cappuccino at 8am. “I focus on hydration first and try to keep my cortisol levels stable by having caffeine a few hours after I wake up.”


Why it works:

  • There’s limited evidence for brain games for long-term cognitive health, but starting the day with a win can definitely be motivating.  
  • Hypnotherapy and meditation both have research-backed benefits. 
  • Gratitude journaling is linked to better sleep, resilience, life satisfaction, and more!
  • Drinking coffee on waking can disrupt your natural flow of cortisol, so waiting a few hours is probably best


Liz says she’s been gratitude journaling for years. “I really noticed a dip in my mood and well-being when I stopped for 6 months,” she says. That’s why gratitude is an integral part of Panda Planner—it really is that powerful. Do you give thanks daily?

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