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Productivity Tip:

Try Nature Sound Therapy

Why are nature sounds just so… relaxing? We can’t say for sure, but we know they bring calmness. Research agrees: Hearing nature sounds is a way to relieve stress.

So, when you can’t get out into nature, bring nature into your ears. Birds chirping, ocean waves crashing, rain falling… whatever floats your tranquil boat (is that a thing?)… press play and try a little nature sound therapy. 

You can find plenty of nature sound tracks online for free – just try searching on YouTube, Spotify, or apps like Insight Timer. Give it a try today!

Routine Breakdown

Lisa May Carroll, Retail Consultant & Founder of Strut Solutions

Lisa May Carroll

Early bird Lisa May Carroll wakes naturally at around 5-5.30am, but to ensure she gets time for herself in the mornings, she sets an alarm just in case. Then she:

  • Makes a cup of tea. “No matter what day of the week or where I am in the world, a cup of tea is my priority!”
  • Quietly wakes up with 5-10 mins of sipping tea and thinking about the day ahead. 
  • Listens to a chapter or two of a business audiobook. “Since running a business, I’ve found it a good way to start the day. I find other people’s business stories and advice so inspiring.”
  • Exercises, usually Yoga or Pilates. “Moving my body first thing in the morning benefits my mood so much for the rest of the day.”
  • Avoids checking her phone or laptop until after she has showered and dressed. “Previously, checking emails would be the first thing I did. But I’ve realized that setting myself up for the day properly will mean I’m so much more productive and in a better mindset.”
  • Occasionally conducts walking internal team meetings while working from home. “It sort of feels like a mini commute – and I find the calls are always so productive.”


Why it works:

  • As well as being a “hug in a mug,” tea has a bunch of science-backed health benefits. Drinking it mindfully is even better. 
  • Listening to business audiobooks is a great way to learn and stimulate ideas.
  • Research shows Pilates and yoga encourage healthy behaviors and positive health beliefs, “setting a positive reinforcement cycle in motion.”
  • Avoiding devices first thing means you can get through the key parts of your routine without distraction. Try it if it’s possible for you!


Have you tried walking meetings? Studies show walking boosts creative thinking. Here are some tips for holding meetings on the move. Let us know if you have any of your own!

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