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Wellness Tip:

Burn More to Snack Less

Your body is a tricky machine. You work out more to burn more calories, but that just makes you more hungry… which leads to snacking and consuming back those calories.

But your brain is also a tricky machine. And you can use that to your advantage. In an interesting study, researchers found that framing exercise as fun led to less snacking later on.

Why? Because when we see exercise as hard work, we tend to compensate with a “hedonic” snack. So, want to cut the cheeky rewards? 🍪Go on a scenic walk instead of an exercise walk. Dance. Play. Jump. In short, make moving fun!


Routine Breakdown

Linda Wells, Journalist & Entrepreneur

Linda Wells

The famed beauty editor and founder of Allure magazine starts her day at 5.30am – without an alarm. From there, she:

  • Wakes up her brain by doing puzzles (Spelling Bee, Wordle, and Connections).
  • Inspired by Andrew Huberman, she looks at the sun first thing.
  • Connects with her work partner. “She has an endless supply of ideas and energy, and she’s like a bright beam of sunshine.”
  • Does a workout – either Peloton or mini-trampoline. She says the bouncing puts her “in a happy frame of mind.”
  • Depending on where she is, follows up with a dive in the pool. “Nothing feels better than that jolt, and it stays with me all day. I follow that with the most brutal cold shower I can tolerate.”
  • Does her beauty routine, has breakfast, and starts work.


Why it works:

  • Brain games may or may not boost brain health (research is mixed) – but hey, they don’t hurt. Plus, they’re a fun way to start the day mentally active.
  • Morning sun exposure has definite benefits.
  • Morning workouts are great – fun ones are even better (see above!).
  • There’s some research suggesting cold showers might boost your mood, energy levels, and immunity. 


Connecting with someone who inspires us and gets our creativity going is an underrated addition to any routine. Linda calls it “the best way to start the day.” Is there someone who can brighten up your days, even if they’re on the other side of the world?

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