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The true mark of a pro—at anything—is that he understands, loves, and is good at even the drudgery of his profession.

Mathematician Paul Halmos

Wellness Tip:

Show Some Affection

Ever hugged someone and felt your stresses melt away? You’re not imagining it. Science shows that affection has measurable health benefits (including stress relief!). 

Small acts of affection can lower cortisol levels and boost production of oxytocin – a combination that leads to a healthier heart, better sleep, and even lower cholesterol.

If you’re not the overly affectionate type, that’s okay! It can be as simple as holding your partner’s hand or writing them a kind little note. Give it a try today – you’ll both benefit!

Productivity Tip:

Embrace On-The-Job Drudgery

Every job has its boring moments, its drudgery. The more we accept that fact, the happier our work-lives become. 

Question is, how to make peace with the unglamorous, uninteresting tasks we inevitably face? Here are some things to try:

  • Do it mindfully. Mindfulness makes us happier and more engaged at work. One study even found that mindfully washing dishes turns it into a calming, stress-busting activity (really!). Read about ways to practice mindfulness at work here.
  • Reconnect with your purpose. When we’re driven by purpose (aka, intrinsically motivated) we enjoy tasks more and perform better.
  • Make it fun. Got a sucky task? Enlist a colleague to make it social, or gamify it


How do you cope with the undesirable parts of your job? Let us know your tips.

Routine Breakdown

Laura Quick, Founder of Good Grit Magazine

Laura Quick

Laura Quick says her night routine is pivotal in setting the stage for the morning. She:

  • Has 30 mins of tech-free time before bed. “I wash my face, brush my teeth, do yoga and then I read or meditate for five minutes before I go to sleep.”
  • Wakes in the morning at 6.15 am and doesn’t hit snooze. “I finally had the epiphany that hitting snooze felt like a lack of gratitude for another day to live and give.”
  • Before getting out of bed, thinks of things she’s grateful for. 
  • Stretches, prays, and writes in her journal.


Why it works:

  • Screen time before bed interferes with circadian rhythms and lowers sleep quality. Make like Laura and do a relaxing activity for 30 mins instead!
  • Hitting snooze disrupts REM sleep and leaves us feeling groggy.
  • A simple gratitude practice has so many health benefits. You can also use your Panda Planner to get your gratitude down on paper! 
  • Prayer has psychological benefits, as does journaling. 


Think back to last night. What did you do in those last 30 minutes before sleep? Is there something you could do to improve your night routine?


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