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A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.

Madeleine L’Engle

Wellness Tip:

Laugh Your Way To Health

When it comes to your well-being, laughter is no joke! 😉It’s proven to lower stress, boost your mood, even make you more attractive. But how can you do more of it?

  • Cultivate a playful attitude at home and work. Try to find the fun in things.
  • Intentionally try to laugh more often and more heartily.
  • Follow your favorite comedians, watch funny videos, read jokes.  
  • Try laughter yoga or laughing qigong. Both have promising results in studies.

Read more here, and feel free to send us your best joke!

Productivity Tip:

Boost Creativity With Pareidolia

Do you see fluffy bunnies in the clouds or houses whose windows look like two sad eyes? That’s pareidolia, and fostering it may boost your creativity. 

Creativity starts with how we see the world. When we embrace ambiguity and explore different ways of seeing, our creativity blossoms. Try actively looking for pareidolias and contemplating them to get into a creative mindset. Here’s some inspiration to start you off!

Routine Breakdown

Laura Greenwood, Psychotherapist, Maternal Mental Health Coach & Entrepreneur

Laura Greenwood

Mother and entrepreneur Laura Greenwood believes we can grow a successful business without running ourselves into the ground. Here’s how she starts her workdays:

  • Takes a 15-min walk around her local dam, taking time to ground herself and connect with her senses. “This little walk symbolizes my transition from ‘mum mode’ to ‘work mode,’” she says.
  • Meditates for 10 mins. “I focus on seeing every day as a new opportunity and recognizing that I am exactly where I need to be right now. This practice supports me to make intuitive choices as I move through my day.”
  • Spends 10 mins gratitude journaling – “From the simplest of experiences to the grandest achievements! Seeing the joy in the everyday is how I maintain a positive outlook.”
  • Has breakfast and coffee. “It’s not all zen! I am a very real human being with a love for strong coffee. I am certainly all about balance.”

Why it works:

  • Transition rituals can help us shift from one mental state to another. They’re great for creating a boundary between home life and work-from-home life!
  • Research suggests meditation really can improve our decision-making capabilities.
  • Gratitude is powerful. It helps us recognize that joy, peace, and learning can be found in even the most difficult experiences.
  • Fear not: coffee (in moderation) can be good for your health. ☕

Do you use transition rituals to ease into your workday? What are yours?

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