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The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Nelson Mandela


Productivity Tip:

Try a Desktop Zen Garden

You know what can be stressful? Work. Too many to-dos. Boss breathing down your neck. Trying to be productive all the time. 

And how can you be your most productive when you’re over-stressed? 

Here’s an idea. Try taking mini mindfulness breaks using a desktop Zen garden. These teeny-tiny gardens bring moments of calm amidst the bustle of the day – and they look pretty, too. Have you ever tried one?

Routine Breakdown

Laila Ali, Boxing Champion, TV Host & Entrepreneur

Laila Ali

Retired boxing champ and daughter of the late great Muhammad Ali, Laila says consistency is key. She:

  • Loves morning protein shakes. Her go-to: vanilla protein powder, collagen powder (for healthy joints, hair, and nails), almond butter (for healthy fats), oat milk, cinnamon, and half a banana (some carbs for energy). 
  • Drinks plenty of water, aiming for 40 ounces throughout the morning.
  • Hits the home gym (sometimes in her pajamas).
  • Has her dogs by her side and incorporates them into her routine.


Why it works:

  • High-protein breakfasts help to increase muscle mass, regulate glucose, and more.
  • Hydrate! It benefits your cognition, mood, energy, and attention.
  • The best workout is the one you do! If that means you don’t get dressed, so be it. 
  • Pets aren’t just cute – they benefit your mental health.


Morning workouts don’t have to be long or complex to be effective. Here’s a 7-minute routine of Laila’s you can follow along with – in or out of your pajamas!

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