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When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Marcus Aurelius

Wellness Tip:

Everything In Moderation, Even “Superfoods”

Food research is complex—but the results are often simplified into catchy headlines. “In a cup of coffee are some phenolic acids that have a positive effect on heart health,” says a group of nutritional scientists, “but other compounds that can increase cholesterol.”

So, when a news story tells you to drink so much coffee or wine a day for health, be aware that the reality is not that simple. And, that too much of anything can be dangerous.

“Be wary about dietary advice that suggests you […] focus on a few ‘superfoods’ that seemingly have magical properties,” say the researchers. “Nutrition is much more complex than that — and eating a healthy diet is much easier.”

In short: eat a varied diet and everything in moderation! Read more here.

Productivity Tip:

Use A Password Manager

How much time do you spend recovering lost passwords? 🤦Yep, we know the feeling. 

Enter password management apps. They keep track of your passwords, so you don’t have to. (Plus, not having to remember them means you can make them more complex!)

A few tips: choose a reputable app (security is everything here!) and set a really solid master password (you can even use two-factor authentication if the app has it). 

Here’s a roundup of different apps. Why not try one and see if it saves you some time?

Routine Breakdown

Kevin Harris, Personal Trainer, Wrestling Coach & Founder/CEO of NANBF

Kevin Harris

The “lifelong fitness fanatic” and CEO typically rises at 6 am. He:

  • Wakes using an analog alarm clock. “I leave my phone downstairs overnight, as I have heard blue light can poorly impact your circadian rhythms.”
  • Heads straight to the backyard. “I plant my feet on the grass and try to soak in the sunshine and early morning noises. I love listening to my neighborhood waking up and try to practice gratitude first thing for the life I have been blessed with.”
  • Makes a healthy breakfast. “I usually go for something packed with carbs and fruit/veggies, as protein is too heavy for me first thing.”
  • Sits down with a cup of tea. “I read the news on my phone or do word games to try to become more alert.” 


Why it works:


When it comes to choosing what to eat, Kevin’s method of listening to his body is a good one. Are you a breakfast eater? What works best for you for day-long energy?

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