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Take one step back, and you will see the vastness of the sea and sky.

Chinese proverb

Wellness Tip:

Do a Morning Check-In

Before you jump into your morning, do you take a moment to check in with yourself? Accredited mindfulness teacher Karen Liebenguth tells us it’s the most important first step to her morning (see her full routine below). 


While sitting quietly with a cup of tea, she reflects on the last 24 hours and asks herself: 

  • What was the best bit? What’s worked well?
  • How have I been in myself (mood), with myself (self-critical or kind), and with others?
  • Where have I been reactive? Where have I responded to what’s happening with conscious choice? Where have I neglected myself and others? 
  • What have I learned and want to do differently?


As well as using Panda Planner for your morning review, why not ask yourself some of these questions? Reflecting helps us course-correct, appreciate life, and grow. Give it a try!

Productivity Tip:

Use the 3C Model of Motivation

Feeling demotivated about a task? Try using this model to understand why.


The 3C model says you need three components to feel motivated: head (a rational motive for doing the task), heart (favorable emotions toward it), and hands (the skills to do it). To diagnose demotivation, look at which one is lacking – then fix the problem.


For example, if heart is lacking, you can reframe the task to make it more enjoyable. If hand is missing, ask for help. If your head is out of sync, look rationally for new incentives.


Want to give it a shot? Read more here, and let us know how it goes.

Routine Breakdown

Karen Liebenguth, Leadership Coach, Mindfulness Teacher & Mentor

Karen Liebenguth

The founder of Green Space Coaching specializes in working with people in natural settings – so no surprises she gets outside during her morning routine! She:

  • Makes tea, then does her morning check-in (see above!). 
  • Meditates daily to train the mind and heart. “I believe that working with the mind is one of the most important things we can do with our lives.” This helps her feel grounded, connected with herself and aware of what matters most.
  • Goes for a morning walk in her local park. She says being in nature slows her down, energizes her, connects her to something bigger than herself and gives her a broader perspective on things.


Why it works:

  • Checking in is a way to calm the mind, untangle our thoughts, and turn observations into learnings. Pausing to reflect is powerful and important.
  • Meditation has a raft of benefits for mental health.
  • Studies show time in nature is a must-have for physical health and brain function. It boosts mood, reduces stress, and promotes healing. 🌳 So get out there!


Karen says it’s while walking in nature that she has her best ideas. Who can relate? Tell us the best idea you’ve had while wandering in green spaces.

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