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Comparison is the thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt

Wellness Tip:

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Ever get stuck comparing yourself to others? Instead of motivating you, unhealthy comparison can leave you feeling down or inadequate. So how do you stop doing it?

  • Identify triggers. Scrolling social media? Watercooler talk? Observe when comparison happens for you so you can check it.
  • Use a journal like Panda Planner to document what you’re grateful for each day. Gratitude has a raft of benefits and is a safeguard against unhealthy comparison.
  • Remind yourself that outward appearances are rarely the full story. Someone else’s life may not be what you want after all.


Do you get stuck in the comparison trap? Give some of the above a try today.

Productivity Tip:

Give It 20 Seconds of Courage

“If you courageously confront fear for 20 seconds every single day,” says Dr. Benjamin Hardy, “before you know it, you’ll be in a different socio-economic and social situation.” So, he says, “Make that call. Ask that question. Pitch that idea. Post that video.”

Yes, you will fail at times. But even that’s valuable: you’ll build resilience and learn what works and what doesn’t. And every time your courage does pay off, you’ll get closer to your goals.

Why not try it tomorrow? 20 seconds is all it takes. Let us know how you go!

Routine Breakdown

Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Teacher & Body Positivity Advocate

Jessamyn Stanley

Body positive yoga influencer Jessamyn Stanley told Good Morning America her morning rituals help her start her day off strong. She:

  • Meditates, then immediately writes in her journal to let out anything that’s on her mind.
  • Stretches and does yoga. “It’s a good way to set off the day.”
  • Drinks water with activated charcoal and lemon. This is her specific water ritual.
  • Does her skincare routine.
  • Works out. “If I set myself up strong at the start of the day and I prioritize taking care of my body, I’ll feel strong and supported throughout the rest of the day.”


Why it works:

  • Meditation and journaling both have mega mental health benefits, so this is a power combination for setting up a positive mindset first thing.
  • Studies agree that yoga is good. Get out that mat and give it a shot!
  • Activated charcoal has potential benefits – and morning hydration is definitely good.
  • So is sweating it out!


Stanley is out to prove that yoga is for everyone. “Literally, if you can breathe, you can do this practice.” Have you tried yoga? What style is your favorite?

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