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Cherish your own emotions and never undervalue them.

– American painter Robert Henri

Wellness Tip:

Identify Your Emotional “Ringtone”

Do you turn to scrolling and snacks instead of facing your feelings? Avoiding emotions isn’t healthy, but often we don’t even realize we’re doing it. 

Try this: film yourself talking about something that’s troubling you. Then, says Sandra Parker, Ph.D., “Observe your body in the video. Be curious, and really ‘listen’ for your ringtone. You might notice tapping toes, holding your breath, a furrowed brow, fidgety fingers, or raised shoulders.”

Identifying these signals (your “ringtone”) is the first step to facing your feelings before they escalate. Read more of Dr. Parker’s advice here and try it today.

Productivity Tip:

Automate Your Meeting Notes with AI

Instead of scrambling to jot down every word during meetings, why not let AI do the heavy lifting? Nowadays, nifty note-taking apps can save you time and make you more productive. 

Simply record the meeting audio or use a transcription feature, and boom! You’ve got a neatly organized set of meeting notes. 

Otter, Supernormal and Fireflies are a few apps. Have you tried AI for meetings?

Routine Breakdown

Jake Munday, Entrepreneur

Jake Munday

From a $250 investment in 2018, Jake and his wife Jess turned Custom Neon into a $10 million business. Here’s how the father of three starts his days: 

  • 6 am: Gets up, makes coffee. Checks email and makes a list of things that need to be achieved that day.
  • 6:30-ish: Kids wake up, so quick cuddles before getting them ready. They have family breakfast together whenever possible.
  • 7:30: Does a boxing HIIT class 2-3 times a week. “High-intensity classes boost my mood and help give me clarity. I always leave feeling energized.”
  • 8:30: Takes kids to school (depending on his wife’s schedule) and heads to work. “I use my journey to the office and evening dog walks to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. It’s important to keep on top of industry trends, technological advances, and business innovations. Never rest on your laurels!”


Why it works:

  • Writing down goals for the day keeps you on track to achieve them. 
  • Family time strengthens bonds, boosts mental health, and more.
  • HIIT really does have a bunch of research-backed benefits. Try it!
  • Using walks and commutes to learn is a good strategy for maximizing time.


Jake says working with your partner to find a balance is key. “Jess and I alternate our fitness and leisure time around each other and the kids, so we both have equal opportunities to stay fit, relax and unwind.” Do you work with significant others in your life to find that balance?

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