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Create ‘Tech-Free Zones’ for time with zero distractions so you allow your best ideas to flow.

Robin Sharma

Wellness Tip:

Set Up Tech-Free Zones

In our fast-paced digital world, it’s easy to forget the value of real, undistracted human interaction and screen-free time. So, why not designate specific areas in your home as tech-free zones? It could be the dining room, living room, or even just a cozy corner.

Research shows that excessive screen time can lead to poor sleep, reduced attention span, and even strained relationships. 

Creating tech-free zones at home is a simple way to encourage mindfulness and strengthen family bonds. Check out some tips for setting up your own here.

Productivity Tip:

Try Learning Sprints

Want to learn more efficiently? Try learning sprints! Ideal for anything from languages to software tools, these sprints adapt to your goals and how much time you have.

  • For a quick overview, try a rapid learning sprint (an hour or a day). Use this to explore the topic, gather resources, and get a feel for subtopics.
  • For deeper learning, opt for a 1-week or 30-day sprint. Spend more time planning your sprint, focusing on detailed objectives and comprehensive resources.

The key is to do focused bursts of learning – like a high-intensity workout, but for your brain. You’ll make quick progress. See here for more, including tips and examples.

Routine Breakdown

Idris Elba, Actor

Idris Elba

“I know what feels good in my body,” award-winning actor Idris Elba told GQ. After rising at 5am, he:

  • Takes multivitamins and lion’s mane, “which is really great for the brain.”
  • Has breakfast: a ginger shot, decaf coffee, and boiled eggs. Idris says he loves the taste of coffee but quit caffeine a year ago.
  • Heads to work on his film and TV projects. On weekends, he sneaks in a swim.
  • Uses breathwork to manage stress and regulate his nervous system.


Why it works:

  • Research on lion’s mane supports its positive effects on the brain.
  • Decaf coffee offers a bunch of health benefits – sans jitters. Protein at breakfast keeps you satisfied for longer.
  • Breathing techniques can literally improve your life. Try some!


“Whenever you feel like you’re getting wound up, find a quiet corner, chill out, take 10 deep breaths – literally count to 10 on the inhale and exhale,” says Elba. “By the time you finish the ninth one, you’re already thinking about something else. Your body is resetting – it’s really magical.”

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