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Build small habits. Make big plans. Start small, but never dream small.

 Author James Clear

Wellness Tip:

Eat For Better Sleep

Want to sleep like a champion? Then take note: what you eat matters.

You need specific nutrients and antioxidants that support sleep. And you need to avoid anything too stimulating (i.e., caffeine and sugar) too close to bedtime.


Here are some foods that have been linked to better sleep in studies:

  • Unsalted nuts (especially almonds and walnuts)
  • Kiwi fruit (one study saw participants fall asleep 42% faster after having kiwis as a bedtime snack!)
  • Turkey
  • Fatty fish, like tuna and salmon
  • Bananas
  • Oatmeal


Keep in mind that a regular sleep pattern and good sleep hygiene are also key.

Productivity Tip:

Goal-Setting Using Panda Planner

Here’s how Heather uses her Panda Planner on a quarterly, weekly, and daily basis to set goals and keep her days on track.

  • Once a quarter, she brainstorms 2-3 big goals. ”I’ve overhauled my training program, rewritten old content, cleared out old files, revised sales pages – even landed clients – all by planning out my quarterly goals.”
  • Once a week (usually on Sunday), she plans her ‘must-dos’ for the upcoming week. “I try not to schedule too much – I like having flexibility if a new opportunity pops up.”
  • Once a day, she schedules her ‘must-dos’ for the day. “This includes exercise and things I want to do for myself.”
  • Does an end-of-day review. “I end the day by circling back to my schedule and reflecting on what I did and what I still want to accomplish.”


“Do I schedule every task every month? Nope. I’ve had months where I’ve been off my planning game and let things slide,” says Heather. “But when I do plan my time – even loosely – the results are amazing.”


How do you go about planning and goal-setting? What could you do better? Feel free to hit reply and tell us your own process!

Routine Breakdown

Heather Lloyd Martin, Founder of SuccessWorks

Heather Lloyd Martin

Named by Forbes as “the pioneer of SEO copywriting,” Heather Lloyd Martin is still going strong after 20+ years in the business. She says a healthy routine is key. She:

  • Allows herself to wake naturally. “Sleep is a huge priority for me, so I’d rather sleep well and start my workday a bit later.”
  • Eases into the day with a latte. “I love my morning ritual of drinking coffee in bed with my cat snuggled against me. I spend the first 20 minutes of my day letting my mind wander and feeling myself slowly wake up. This ritual is like a mini-meditation and gracefully helps me ease into my workday.”
  • Works + moves. “I have an under-desk treadmill. I’ve found that my brain thinks better when I move. Plus, I can easily walk over four miles a day while working!”
  • After 90 mins of work, exercises for 20 mins. “Sometimes, I bounce on my rebounder. Other times, I lift weights. The mini-break keeps my brain engaged.”


Why it works:

  • People who wake up naturally report feeling more rested throughout the day.
  • Mind-wandering can boost creativity, while small rituals have powerful mental health benefits.
  • Yes, walking really is good for the brain and productivity! Exercise mini-breaks are also a great focus-booster as backed by science.

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