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Curiosity is crucial for our survival. But it’s also crucial for our happiness. It boosts what psychologists term our positive affect, making us more cheerful, enthusiastic, energetic, and generally glad to be alive.

Angus Fletcher in Wonderworks.

Wellness Tip:

Stay Curious

Remember when you were a kid and you were curious about everything? Us neither! As adults, we tend to lose our sense of curiosity and wonder. 

Good news is, though, curiosity can be cultivated. And it has some super amazing benefits, like making us healthier, happier and more empathetic, helping us achieve more and have stronger relationships, and possibly even live longer.

Here are some ways to boost your own curiosity. Go get curious and give them a try!

Productivity Tip:

Learn About Mental Models

Mental models are concepts or frameworks that help us understand the world. Think of them as tools we can use for thinking, solving problems, and making decisions.

For example, supply and demand is a mental model that helps explain the economy. Confirmation bias is a mental model for understanding how our brains work. And the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) offers a framework that explains everything from our wardrobes to time management. 

You use mental models everyday, but you might not realize it. By consciously learning about what they are, you can open up new ways of seeing the world. 

Want to know more? Here and here are two great resources to get you started.

Routine Breakdown

Gregory Lowe, Entrepreneur & CEO of Lowekey

Gregory Lowe

Serial entrepreneur Gregory Lowe goes to bed as early as possible and wakes by 6. He:

  • Makes the bed and takes vitamins.
  • Meditates for 30 mins. “My meditation practice is the most important part of my morning. It allows me to focus on the day’s task and analyze the mistakes and successes of the day before.”
  • Does a 45-min workout. “Fitness is incredibly important to me—I feel ready to attack the day after—but I keep it pretty simple, too. At the moment, I’m really into calisthenics and running for focus.”
  • Tackles urgent emails and fills in his planner. “I’ll journal the day’s tasks and other important items under the same date. This allows me to check off each item that I finish, and to see the items that are still in progress or need more attention.”

Why it works:

  • Starting the day with a small win (like making the bed) boosts productivity.
  • So does meditation!
  • Exercise is good (of course), and calisthenics and running can be done anywhere.
  • Planners help you focus on what’s important and get the most out of your days.

Our Panda Planners are designed based on science to boost happiness and productivity. Do you use yours to maximize your days? Let us know how you’re finding it – we’d love to hear from you!

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