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You don’t need more time, you need fewer distractions.

Author James Clear

Wellness Tip:

Speed Up Exercise Recovery

To get fitter and grow your muscles, you don’t just need to exercise – you also need to not exercise. Recovery time allows your body to repair so it can come back stronger.


Here are some key ways to enhance exercise recovery:

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. Getting more shuteye is crucial. Naps count too!
  • Do stress-busting activities like breathing exercises, meditation or yoga.
  • Eat nutritious foods and amp up your protein intake.
  • Use a foam roller or give your muscles a massage.
  • Drink plenty of water. 💧(Oh, and stay off the booze.)


Of course, taking rest days from the gym is also essential! What do you do for recovery?

Productivity Tip:

Use Your Phone’s Focus Mode

It’s hard to get into the zone when your phone is constantly begging for your attention. But did you know that your devices have a distraction-free mode? 🔕

  • iPhones have a Focus mode that’s highly customizable. For example, you can allow notifications from selected people only. Here’s a guide on how to use it.
  • On newer Android models, all you have to do to turn on Do Not Disturb is put your device face down. Notifications are automatically muted. You can also customize settings, schedule focused time and more. Learn about it here.


Next time you want to get more done, try flicking on focus mode for fewer distractions.

Routine Breakdown

Eloise Skinner, Author, Existential Therapist, Teacher & Entrepreneur

Eloise Skinner

The author of But Are You Alive? starts her day by tending to both body and soul. She:

  • Does some kind of spiritual practice. “Sometimes this is a brief seated meditation, or – drawing on some of the practices I learned during my year in a monastic community – I take some time for prayer or reflection.”
  • Does a full-body stretch.”Since I teach fitness classes most days, this is an essential part of my morning routine! I start by focusing on spinal mobility, and then move on to hamstrings, shoulders and neck.”
  • Grabs a quick breakfast before starting work. “I find that eating something first thing helps me to stay grounded and focused as I start my day. I usually have toast or a bagel – and coffee!”


Why it works:

  • Meditation has proven cognitive, psychological and physical benefits, including reduced stress, improved focus and better immunity (to name just a few!). 
  • Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong, and healthy and helps avoid injury.
  • Research agrees – our brains don’t work as well when we’re hungry.


Do you incorporate some spiritual practice into your mornings? Why is it important for you?

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