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People spend so much time trying to be more physically attractive to find love that they forget the importance of being mentally attractive. Educate yourself, address your recurring toxic thoughts, deal with your insecurities and learn to be happy on your own. That’s attractive.

Steven Bartlett nails it in a tweet.

Wellness Tip:

Cultivate Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life’s difficulties. And it’s something we can learn. Says Amanda Fialk, Ph.D., “Resilience is like a muscle you can build over time. With practice and dedication, anybody can become more resilient.”

That’s great news. But how? 

  • Take small steps. Feeling a sense of accomplishment is empowering.  
  • Practice gratitude (there are so many ways to do this).
  • Keep up with your basic self-care.
  • Use your support networks. It’s OK to ask for help when you need it.
  • Remind yourself of your wins. (Recording them in Panda Planner helps!)
  • Spend time on things you find meaningful. 


Read more here and get ready to jump back up again next time life knocks you down.

Productivity Tip:

Boost Your Memory With Doodling

Want to remember something? Writing it down will help (highlighting it won’t). But there’s an even better way: doodle it!

In a 2018 study, participants were told to memorize a list of words or definitions. Half were instructed to write them down and half to draw them. And yep—the doodlers won. They remembered more, and with more detail and context.

“We have shown that gains are greater from drawing than other known mnemonic techniques,” said the researchers.

So, next time you want to learn something fast, try doodling it. The best part? No artistic talent required!

Routine Breakdown

Derek Warburton, CEO/Media Entrepreneur/Celebrity Stylist

Derek Warburton

“Focusing on significance rather than success is the key to realizing a dream,” says TV personality and media entrepreneur Derek Warburton. “Small steps and small victories during the day will have greater meaning.” On a typical morning, he:

  • Wakes naturally at 6am and starts the day by expressing gratitude. 
  • At 8am, takes his dog for a brief walk.
  • Meditates. “I enjoy my favorite hazelnut latte before meditating for thirty minutes.”
  • Does a workout ​​from 9 to 10 AM, “after which I can begin my day.”


Why it works:

  • Thank you, gratitude: it’s been shown to boost mental health.
  • Regular dog walks marry the health benefits of exercise with the stress-busting benefits of owning a pet.
  • Meditation is a proven asset to any morning routine.
  • Morning workouts get you in shape and keep you focused for the day.


Derek keeps his routine pretty straightforward, but the important thing is that it covers both the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing. Do you feel your routine has that balance? If not, what can you change or add to improve it?

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