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Always remember that excellence is achieved by stumbling, standing up, dusting yourself off, then stumbling again.

James R. Bailey and Scheherazade Rehman for HBR

Wellness Tip:

Try Proprioception Meditation

Want to try a meditation that doesn’t involve sitting still? 🧘Unfurl from your lotus position and give proprioception meditation a go.

This type of practice focuses on your perception of your body’s movements and its position in space. It can help you build a better connection with your body, enhance mindfulness, and reduce stress. 

Here’s a short one you can try right now. Give it a shot!

Productivity Tip:

Boost Your Career With Self-Reflection

Want to progress in your career and be better at what you do? Try self-reflection. But don’t just reflect on anything; research suggests focusing on moments of surprise, frustration, and failure. 


“Reflections that involved one or more of these sentiments proved to be the most valuable in helping leaders learn and grow in their careers,” say the researchers, who suggest building a weekly practice using journaling. 

A planner like Panda Planner can help with this: reflections are built in, so you don’t forget to do them. Read more here and tell us how you go about self-reflection.

Routine Breakdown

David Davies, Founder of Sovereign Beverage Company

David Davies

For smooth mornings, David Davies follows some critical steps in his evening routine. He:

  • Works out at night. “My morning starts the evening before with a trip to the gym.”
  • Clears his inbox. “I make sure my inbox is clear every night and my emails are deleted or filed.”
  • Starts the day with fuel. “Everything starts after a cup of coffee and breakfast, usually porridge. It’s the one meal I never miss.”
  • Has clear actions. “I have a clear list of actions every day that I put together the night before. It tells me what I’m doing, where I need to be, and what meetings I have. It ensures I am 100% focused for the day.”


Why it works:

  • The best workout is the one you’ll do — and both morning and night sessions have their advantages
  • A clear inbox lets you focus on what’s current and deal with things as they land.
  • Putting together an action list the night before means you start the day organized and with purpose. 


Your turn: do you use your evening routine to hit the ground running in the morning? If not, what could you do better?

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