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Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

Christian Lange in his 1921 Nobel Peace Prize lecture

Wellness Tip:

Minimize Cooking Pollution at Home

Bad news for would-be MasterChefs: cooking can introduce pollutants into your home. These can worsen allergies and generally affect your wellness.

Here are some ways to tackle the problem:

  • Keep your kitchen well-ventilated. Open windows and doors while cooking.
  • Use your range hood or exhaust fan. These suck up pollutants and push them outside.
  • Consider induction cooktops. They produce less pollutants than gas stoves.
  • Avoid high-heat methods. Grilling, frying, or charring can increase pollutants.


Next time you hit the kitchen, check out your ventilation situation and see if you can make any improvements.

Productivity Tip:

Practice Mindful Tech Use

Limiting tech use can help you sleep better, feel happier, and be more productive. Don’t believe us? Try being more mindful with your screen time and see how it impacts you. 

  • Use tech with focus and intention. Avoid multitasking. 
  • Set specific times to check email and social media rather than checking constantly.
  • Set clear boundaries around work communication and when to have downtime.
  • Use tech tools to limit screen time or block distracting apps.


How mindful are you of your tech use? And what could you do better?

Routine Breakdown

Daniel Simmons, Lifestyle Vlogger & Clothing Label founder

daniel simmons

“I used to wake up and just go, go, go,” says Daniel Simmons, who now spends the first 20 minutes of his day getting a peaceful start before hitting the gym. Here’s his routine.

  • Takes 10 slow, deep breaths. “I highly recommend this if you wake up with anxiety or a busy mind.”
  • Listens to some smooth piano music or slow jazz for a peaceful way to start the day.
  • Makes coffee. “This is less about waking myself up and more about a ritual to get my mind ready for the gym.”
  • Does a workout at the gym.
  • Has a 2-min cold shower before breakfast. Cold water freshens him up and keeps his showers short.


Why it works:

  • Research agrees: breathing exercises (like these) can help calm anxiety. 
  • Music is also great for lowering stress. 
  • Small rituals help us deal with life’s uncertainties and are a great way to transition between activities. 
  • Workouts are good for mind and body (obviously!), and cold showers have a list of potential benefits including improved immunity and circulation.


Do you use music to kickstart your mood for the day? What’s on your morning playlist?

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