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Wellness Tip:

Beat Financial Anxiety

Finances can be a big source of stress. In a 2021 study of nearly 20,000 people, 60% said they feel anxious when thinking about their personal finances. 😰

So, what can help? Firstly, pinpoint what’s causing your anxiety. Is it a lack of a buffer? Worries about job security? Stress over day-to-day money management? 

From there, you can look for solutions. Improving financial literacy can help. If the jargon overwhelms you, put things in your own terms. You can also try talking to a professional. 

Here are some more tips – try some to regain your calm. 😌


Routine Breakdown

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker & Podcast Host

cindra kamphoff

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff is all about building mental strength. Here’s her game-changing 4-minute morning routine, based on the acronym GRIT (simply spend 1 minute on each):

  • Gratitude. Remind yourself what you’re grateful for (good things and tough things).
  • Remember your purpose. Remind yourself why you do what you do. 
  • Intention. Who do you want to be today? Set at least three intentions.
  • Talk to yourself powerfully. Intentionally choose your thoughts and tell yourself who you really are.


Why it works:

  • Gratitude improves mental health and unshackles us from negative emotions – and the best part is it creates lasting changes in our brains.
  • Studies show that those with a purpose live longer, sleep better, and have stronger immune systems, lower stress levels, and better cognitive function. Whew!
  • Intentions are a powerful way to take control of our energy and attention and set our mindset for the day.
  • Positive self-talk boosts confidence and can make us healthier, happier, and more creative.


Taken together, these four steps can have a mega impact on creating a positive mindset! It’s no accident that Panda Planner includes sections that encourage you to jot down these things daily. If you’re not already prepping yourself for a positive day, why not give it a try tomorrow? A few minutes is all you need.

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