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Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting.

John Templeton

Wellness Tip:

Monitor Your Weekend Sleep-ins

Are weekend sleep-ins good for you? Or bad? Turns out the answer is, that depends. Experts say that a regular sleep schedule is key to health. That means going to bed and waking up at the same time each day – weekends included.

But, you might not need to give up your lazy Sunday sleep-ins just yet! Latest research suggests there may be benefits to weekend catch-up sleep. Catch-up is the key word here: that means using your sleep-ins to get extra hours of rest, not to go to bed later. 

Bottom line: compensating for lost sleep by sleeping in on weekends is probably better than not catching up at all. But, ultimately, consistency is the healthiest option.

Productivity Tip:

Visualize Failure

You’ve heard of visualizing success. But what about picturing what would happen if you failed?

Imagining failure is a strong motivator. “In fact, there’s a near doubling in the likelihood that people will reach goals of any kind when they’re constantly thinking about how bad it’s going to be if they fail,” says Dr. Andrew Huberman.

His suggestion is to visualize the end goal at first. Then, to stay motivated along the way, think about what will happen if you give up. 

Have you ever tried visualizing failure? Does it work for you?

Routine Breakdown

Christina Robinson, Managing Director of Green Umbrella Marketing

christina robinson

“Not everyone is a morning person, but everyone needs a routine,” says businesswoman and marketing expert Christina Robinson. She:

  • Gets ready in silence. “I don’t communicate with anybody before I get ready, I like to just let my mind wander as I get set for the day.”
  • Does one “quick win” before leaving the house. “It may be something personal or it could be signing off on some work. I find that starting to tick off my to-do list before I leave the house helps me to set up the day for success.”
  • Gets into a positive mindset. “I use the Motivation app which is full of positive quotes, check out the Motiversity stories on Instagram, and hit play on my playlist.  These things combined make me feel like I can take on the world.”


Why it works:


What gets you into a positive mindset in the mornings?

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