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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Berthold Auerbach

Wellness Tip:

Let Music Be Your Medicine 🎶

Ever felt a rush of good vibes from your favorite tune? There’s science to that! Research says music can lower your heart rate, release happy endorphins, and dial down stress. Music can also help us meditate, focus, or drift off to sleep quicker. 

A 2021 study even found that grooving to any type of music, whether it’s a beloved ballad or the latest chart-topper, can reduce cortisol. So hit play on whatever moves you. 

What’s on your playlist today?

Productivity Tip:

Write To Think

“Writing is a superpower that can unlock parts of your mind that are harder to access otherwise,” says Ness Labs. Writing can help you understand complex topics. It enhances memory, sparks creativity, and prompts connections between ideas.


What to write about? Follow your curiosity. What do you love learning about? Who is your audience? You might write a journal for yourself, or a newsletter or blog, etc.

Read more here and see if writing can help you improve your thinking.

Routine Breakdown

Chris Olsen, Social Media Personality & Entrepreneur

Chris Olsen

TikTok star Chris Olsen says he’s “learned the importance of completing your morning ritual and having your own time before getting straight into work mode.” He:

  • Always aims to get a full 8 hours of sleep.
  • Makes his bed. “It’s an easy win for the day, right?”
  • Has breakfast and coffee, then goes for a walk. “Rain or shine, it’s just a part of my routine now and my day doesn’t feel complete without one.” 
  • Saves his workouts for later. “I’m a big midday workout person because I’m at peak energy. And, bonus, there’s practically no one in the gym during that time.”


Why it works:

  • Sleep is vital to mental and physical health – and keeps us functioning at our best.
  • Small wins keep us motivated. Progress begets progress!
  • Walking is good for everything from mood to stress levels to heart health. 🚶
  • The best workout is the one you’ll do – so pick whatever time of day suits you best.


Chris says he always listens to music on his walk and uses that time to slowly start his day. Walking + music = double benefits. Here’s a playlist of songs at the best speed for walking!

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