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Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

Wellness Tip:

Eat Fermented Foods

When was the last time you cracked open a big jar of sauerkraut? Adding fermented foods to your diet could help you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and even improve your mental health.

It all has to do with increasing the diversity of your gut microbes. Some foods to try are:

  • Sauerkraut and kimchi (fermented cabbage)
  • Kefir and probiotic yogurt
  • Kombucha (a fermented tea drink)
  • Tempeh and miso (both made from soybeans)
  • Raw apple cider vinegar


Fermenting your own veg at home is also easier than you’d think. Why not give it a shot?

Productivity Tip:

Make Your Commute More Productive

Commutes may not always be fun, but you can make them productive! Let’s turn the car/bus/train into your personal university. Here are some things you can do:

  • Car/walk: Listen to audiobooks, catch up on informative and inspiring podcasts, use language-learning apps, mentally prepare for your day.
  • Public transport: Read books, meditate, do online courses, play brain-stimulating games.


Do you work from home or have a daily commute? How do you spend your time?

Routine Breakdown

Chris Bumstead, Canadian Pro Bodybuilder

chris bumstead

Four-time Mr Olympia Chris Bumstead says he’s fluid with his routine in the off-season, but more regimented when in competition prep mode. That means he:

  • Wakes at 7.30 am and does some Wim Hof-style breathing exercises (“three rounds of 30 breaths, hold, exhale and repeat”). He says this leaves him wide awake and energized with no need for caffeine. 
  • Does 20 minutes of cardio.
  • Hits the sauna, then takes an ice-cold plunge for post-workout muscle recovery.
  • Keeps his phone on airplane mode until all the above is done.


Why it works:

  • Research on the Wim Hof Method (which includes both breathwork and ice plunges) is limited, but some studies suggest it can reduce stress and quicken recovery.
  • Cardio before breakfast is energizing and may burn more fat.
  • No devices = no distractions. Keeping the phone off is a good idea!


Chris is all about using his mornings to set himself up for a hard day of training. Have you ever tried kicking off your day with some breathwork?

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