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Wellness Tip:

Get Some Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)

You can’t give your best without getting enough rest. So, why not give Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) a try?

NSDR includes practices like yoga nidra, meditation, and breathwork, guiding your brain into a state of deep relaxation while keeping you awake. Even a quick 10-minute session can reduce stress and sharpen your mind.

For a quick way to get into it, just head to YouTube and type in “NSDR 10 minutes”—you’ll find plenty of results. Then, lie back, relax, and let one of the tracks guide you.

Routine Breakdown

Chase Jarvis, Photographer, Director, Artist & Entrepreneur

Chase Jarvis’ 7-Step Routine for Body & Mind

Chase Jarvis

Award-winning photographer, director, fine artist and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis says his 7-step routine is the “secret to a productive day.” He:


The Routine:

  • Does a 15-min meditation in bed. “It’s about closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, giving yourself a moment of tranquility before the day’s chaos ensues.”
  • Reflects on three specific things he’s grateful for. “Starting the day with a positive mindset can make all the difference.”
  • Does a short visualization exercise where he considers goals and dreams as if already achieved, to motivate and inspire daily actions. “This practice serves as a powerful motivator, encouraging me to chase down those dreams.”
  • Takes a cold shower or plunge to wake up and invigorate. “The cold water serves as a surefire wake-up call and boasts numerous health benefits.”
  • Goes for a 20-min walk, often with coffee and the dog, to enjoy fresh air and natural light. 
  • Eats a protein-heavy breakfast (around 30 grams of protein) to stay fueled and satiated. 
  • Tackles the day’s primary task. “Taking on the biggest task first not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also ensures it gets done.”


Why it works:

  • Chase’s routine covers both mental and physical health. Meditation, gratitude, and visualization all have huge research-backed benefits in everything from stress reduction to achieving goals. Protein really does increase satiety (and boost focus!) while exercise and natural light are both crucial for fitness and health. Lastly, research suggests making progress on tasks keeps us motivated—so, eat that frog


If you want to dip your toe into cold plunges, Chase suggests an easy way to start: turn the last few moments of your shower cold. “Let’s be honest, cold water is intentionally uncomfortable. That means you’ll likely not want to do it,” he says. “Challenge yourself to invite a little discomfort in your life.”

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