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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


Wellness Tip:

Find Positive Role Models

Role models aren’t just for kids – we all need them. The people around us directly influence our values, character, and attitudes. That’s why finding positive role models is so important.

If that proves harder than it sounds, here are some things to try:

  • Find “anti-role models” and behave in the opposite way to them
  • Identify multiple role models to suit various situations you’re likely to face
  • Channel imagined role models – e.g., historical figures or others you don’t personally know

Read more detail here. Who are the role models in your life?

Productivity Tip:

Play Brain Games

Brain feeling a little sluggish? Time to bring out the brain-training games. 🧠Research shows they can have cognitive benefits for both the young and old.

While brain games aren’t the only way to boost memory and brain function, and not all of them are research-approved, they’re worth a try if you want to sharpen up your brain.

Here’s a list of games and apps you can try. Got any favorites of your own?

Routine Breakdown

Carol Evans, Business Success Mentor, Speaker & Author

Carol Evans

Best-selling author and mentor Carol Evans starts her day by drinking water. Then she:

  • Meditates. “This involves some form of gratitude as well as mindfulness and visualization.”
  • Journals. She writes what she’s grateful for then anything she needs to get out of her head. “I write down any questions in a positive way to stimulate ideas and solutions.” 
  • Writes down her vision and goals, and what she’s going to focus on for the day. “Without doing this, I lose sight of my goals and end up going around in circles.”
  • Reads for 30 mins as part of her commitment to ongoing personal development. “I actively read, taking notes and writing down ideas.”
  • Exercises. Taking a brisk walk outside energizes her for the day ahead.

Why it works:

  • Countless studies show meditation has benefits from improving sleep to lowering stress and blood pressure.
  • Ditto journaling, which is great for mental health, mood, and more.
  • Setting a daily focus helps us stay on track with what matters. 
  • Reading actively helps us stay engaged, retain more and comprehend better.
  • Walking is good – and walking outside is even better.

Do you regularly remind yourself of your goals and set a focus for each day? Both of these things are built into Panda Planner, which is why it’s such a powerful tool for helping you achieve your potential. We’d love to hear your experience – how do you stay on track?

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