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The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Author Joseph Campbell

Wellness Tip:

Expand Your Definition of Happiness

Ever heard of Eudaimonia? It’s the ancient Greek idea that happiness is about more than positive feelings. It’s a state of flourishing we achieve through contributing to society, doing meaningful work, and living by moral virtues.

Here are some ways to pursue Eudaimonia: 

  • Know your values and mission. What meaningful goals can you pursue in life?
  • Focus your skills toward achieving those goals.
  • Strive to develop your unique potential.
  • Recognize that it’s the journey that counts. Happiness or Eudaimonia is not the end goal: pursuit of being our best self is.

Sounds like something worth striving for, right? To learn more, this video is a good start.

Productivity Tip:

Prep Your Day The Night Before

Here’s a way to truly smash through your mornings: do a little pre-sleep prep.

Prime example: If you want to build a morning exercise habit, lay out your clothes the night before. Seeing them becomes a cue to automatically kick the habit into gear.

Other things you can do:

  • Prep your breakfast 
  • Do a brief tidy-up of your workspace
  • Set up a meditation space (e.g. lay out a cushion or chair to sit on)
  • Prep your brain by running over your schedule and goals for the following day


So something to think about: How can you prep at night for better mornings?

Routine Breakdown

Beth Comstock, Author & Business Advisor

Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock says 5 am is her favorite time of day. After waking, she:

  • Does an hour of longhand writing in a journal.
  • Has the same breakfast every day.
  • Does yoga if she has time, or goes for a walk to clear her mind.
  • Wraps up her day with an evening catch-up with her husband.


Why it works:


Have you ever noticed how much better things stick in mind when you write them down by hand? Writing even activates more regions of the brain than typing. 

Needless to say, that’s why writing down goals and priorities in your Panda Planner works so well! How’s it going for you? Let us know!

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