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The best way out is always through.”

Robert Frost

Wellness Tip:

Try Exercise “Snacks”

Struggling to cram that 30-min workout into your already jam-packed day? Here’s a lil’ secret: think of exercise like snacking! 🍎💪 Instead of binging all at once, munch on mini workouts throughout the day.

Recent research shows this can be just as good – if not better – for your health. Whether it’s a 1-minute dance-off to your fave song, doing squats while you brush your teeth, or doing jumping jacks while your coffee brews, every little bit adds up! 

Why not give it a shot today?

Productivity Tip:

Tame Your Inbox With Tech Tools

A messy inbox sucks up time and derails your productivity. Try using some of these tools:

  • Unroll.Me for clearing up subscription emails. 
  • Meco for simplified, distraction-free newsletter reading.
  • SaneBox for a trainable, smart AI inbox assistant.
  • Triage for an easier way to interact with your emails.


Do you have any favorites to add to the list? How do you tame your inbox?

Routine Breakdown

Austin Butler, Actor

Austin Butler

The Elvis actor says he keeps his morning routine flexible and prefers a slow wakeup. He: 

  • Gets up, takes a shower, takes his dog for a walk.
  • Does some journaling to “start the day getting my mind centered.”
  • Some days, he writes three things he’s grateful for. “It just kind of shifts your perspective and reminds you of how lucky we are just to be alive. It can color and change your day in a positive way.”
  • Sometimes goes into the sauna and cold plunge for a “reset.”


Why it works:

  • Walking the dog is great for getting morning sunlight, exercise, and precious pet time all at once.
  • Journaling has a bunch of mental health benefits. Gratitude does too.
  • Cold plunges show promise for muscle recovery, mood, stress response, and more.


Austin says it’s all about “keeping your mind in a healthy place.” If you think about your routine, is it geared toward supporting your mental health? What could you do better?

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