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To be a human being means to joyfully toss your entire life in the giant scales of fate if it must be so, and at the same time to rejoice in the brightness of every day and the beauty of every cloud.

Anti-war activist Rosa Luxemburg

Wellness Tip:

Foster Tolerance Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness relieves stress, it’s true. But did you know it could also help us build a more peaceful and tolerant society? 🙌

“The ability to be curious and open to others’ perspectives has never been more critical,” write researchers Igor Grossmann and Ellen Choi. Mindfulness offers a solution.

Why? Because mindfulness involves two things: being aware of what’s happening in the present and accepting it – even if it’s uncomfortable. With awareness and acceptance, we can confront discomfort, explore different perspectives, and have difficult conversations.

So, what are we waiting for? Read more here and consider mindfulness practice. Here’s some basics to get you started.

Productivity Tip:

Create a Morning Routine Folder

Here’s a neat hack for keeping your morning routine on track: create a special folder on your phone.

Separating apps into folders can be a great way to create boundaries for yourself. Add in apps for meditation, fitness, podcasts, etc. Build the habit to go straight to that folder only and you’ll get less distracted by other (time-sucking) apps. 

Do app folders work for you? Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Routine Breakdown

Dr. Andrew Huberman, Neuroscientist & Podcast Host

Andrew Huberman

The host of the Huberman Lab podcast recently shared how he maximizes his mornings:

  • Drinks water. “Hydration is a big one for cognitive function.”
  • Does 10–30 minutes of yoga nidra (if he doesn’t feel rested enough).
  • Goes outside for 10-20 mins of sunlight. “I usually bring a journal and I write down some of the things I want to do that day and clear away some of the clutter.”

Sometimes goes walking to experience optic flow.


Why it works:

  • Hydration is linked with mood, energy levels, and brain function. Drink up!
  • Research on yoga nidra shows it reduces stress, improves sleep, and more.
  • Morning sunlight boosts vitamin D, regulates circadian rhythms, supports mental health, and more. As for journaling? It’s all the good things!
  • Optic flow, says Huberman, “has this incredible property of lowering activity in the amygdala and thereby reducing levels of anxiety.”

We love Andrew’s idea of pairing morning sunlight exposure with journaling. How about grabbing your Panda Planner (and a beverage ☕) and heading outside today?

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